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When You Should Help Your Child Pull His or Her Tooth

March 20, 2017

Have you heard that your children should have all of their baby teeth erupt above the gum line by the time they’re two years old? Would you be surprised to learn that most children start to lose their teeth a few years later—usually when they’re about six? Do you know what you might be able to do to help your little one’s tooth come out?

If your child’s tooth doesn’t come out on its own, or if you’re worried about one of your child’s teeth, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Most of your child’s teeth should fall out on their own with time. However, while they should fall out naturally, your child should wiggle the tooth. Still, please remember to emphasize that it’s extremely important for your child to wiggle his or her tooth gently.

Similarly, you may need to help your child get his or her tooth out. If this is the case, please make sure you don’t try to remove the tooth too early. We recommend waiting until his or her tooth is extremely loose, or until it is dangling in their mouth. Finally, if you try to remove the tooth yourself, please remember to use a clean cloth or gauze instead of your fingers and to twist the tooth while you pull.

If you’d like to learn more about the care you can receive from our team or have any questions about dealing with a loose tooth in Victoria, TX, we invite you to contact Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics at (361) 433-4704. Our dentists, Dr. Manshadi, Dr. Roden-Johnson, and Dr. Afridi, and our team are eager to receive your call soon!