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Create an Improved Oral Health Identity with Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Treatments

July 31, 2017

Preventing baby bottle tooth decay is of the greatest importance when it comes to the oral health care in children. Baby bottle tooth decay is named thusly so since tooth decay in children is often caused by baby bottles, or more exactly, the substances they contain within.

Create an improved oral health identity in your child with baby bottle tooth decay treatments. If your child’s oral health care requires baby bottle tooth decay treatments, remember the following:

– It is not recommended to give your child a baby bottle with sugary products in it.
– After a baby’s first tooth breaches the gum line around 6 months of age, it is at risk for damage and decay and should be cared for.
– If your child is sleeping, remove any bottle from their mouth to ensure proper breathing can occur and that liquid is not pooling up in their mouth.
– Pick a toothpaste for your infant child that has been approved by your pediatric dentist or has been given the ADA Seal of Acceptance ensuring its safety for the desired age range.
– Use a dash of toothpaste rough the size of a grain of rice to brush your child’s teeth each session.
– Avoid sharing or using products and pacifiers with your children, as this can easily lead to contamination and cause bacteria to spread.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for a baby bottle tooth decay treatment. If you would like to know if your child needs treatment, please book an oral exam with Dr. Manshadi, Dr. Roden-Johnson, and Dr. Afridi and our team at Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics at our pediatric office in Victoria, TX, by calling us at (361) 433-4704. We will be glad to help your child achieve the results they are looking for.