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The Halloween Treats that Are Good and Bad for Your Chompers

October 18, 2016

As you may already know, sugar is bad for your teeth because it promotes tooth decay and other dental issues. This is why Halloween can be such a scary holiday for your smile. However, there are ways you can care for your smile and enjoy the holiday at the same time, and our Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics team is happy to help you do so!

Our Sedation Dentistry Can Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fears

August 9, 2016

If your child suffers from dental anxiety, rest assured, they are not alone. At Victoria Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Victoria, Texas, Drs. Raymond, Manshadi, and Montero recognize that dental anxiety can affect our patients. This is why we offer sedation options to help our patients find the level of comfort they deserve during necessary dental treatments. What type of sedation options are available?