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Does Your Smile Require Orthodontics Treatments?

February 13, 2017

Does your smile require orthodontics treatments? Even if you have a bright white smile topped with daily oral hygiene habits, malocclusions could be holding it back. Malocclusions are bad bite issues often caused by misalignment issues with your teeth. Orthodontics is the specialized practice of fixing your misalignments and ensuring your bites are flawless and straight once again. Listed below are some of the benefits orthodontics treatments can provide:

The Three Steps of the Invisalign® Process

November 4, 2016

Invisalign® is a new-and-improved orthodontic treatment that can help you achieve your dream smile. It’s a great option for adults and teens who have minor misalignment issues, especially because the appliance that is used is hardly visible to the casual observer!