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Invisalign Teen® in Victoria

Helps Teenagers Smile with Confidence

Teen boy with straight teeth

Our orthodontists are happy to offer Invisalign Teen® here in Victoria, TX as an attractive and aesthetically friendly treatment option for straightening teeth. In fact, most people your teenager sees on a regular basis won’t even realize there’s anything different about their smile! To learn more about this service, please don’t hesitate to contact Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics today.

Why is Invisalign Teen A Good Choice?

Your teenager surely has an active lifestyle, filled with school, sports, dating, and spending time with friends. Traditional metal braces can hurt their confidence over time and may even get in the way of them achieving their goals. Thankfully, Invisalign doesn’t have to interfere! This innovative technology is simple, effective, and always discreet.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

The Invisalign Teen system involves a series of clear, custom-made plastic trays that each represent a different stage of your teenager’s smile improvements. These trays are meant to be worn for a few weeks at a time, and they’re removable in nature so that your child can easily take them out when eating, playing sports, or practicing oral hygiene at home.

During this process, our orthodontists will also want to meet with you and your teenager on a regular basis so that we can assess their progress, provide them with the next set of aligners, and ensure that everything is going well. With three orthodontists on staff here in Victoria, you can trust in our extensive skills and experience when it comes to helping your loved one achieve the happy, confident smile they’ve always wanted.