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Medicaid Accepted

Quality, ongoing dental care is a truly essential part of raising a happy and well-balanced child, and our doctors strongly believe that the amount of money a family makes should never hold them back from receiving it. That’s why Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics is happy to accept coverage through both Medicaid and CHIP! We hope to treat your son or daughter to enduring preventive care, revitalizing restorative treatment that addresses any damage or decay, and more. To schedule a first appointment for them, please contact our office in Victoria, TX today.

What is Medicaid?

Medicaid is funded by the US government in order to provide essential health and dental services to families whose income is not high enough to allow them to purchase typical insurance plans. Many people don’t actually realize that Medicaid isn’t just for medical coverage; it also includes valuable dental benefits for children in need!

Some adults may also qualify for covered dental care under Medicaid, such as caregivers of children, pregnant women, and the disabled. However, you should expect the scope of these benefits to vary greatly from state to state if they are provided at all.

How Does Dental Medicaid Work?

First, parents will need to get started by applying for Medicaid in their home state. While the methods of doing so will vary depending on where you are in the country, you can generally expect to be able to complete an application over the phone, online, or at certain physical locations. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll be provided with a referral to a dental office that welcomes Medicaid (such as Victoria Pediatric Dental & Orthodontics) based on geographic location. However, you are not required to visit that practice if you already have somewhere in mind that you’d like to take your child to.

Medicaid coverage does have strict requirements regarding regular care for children. You will need to make sure that your son or daughter attends consistent checkups and cleanings in order to maintain available benefits. These benefits include coverage for dental restorations and relief from infections and/or severe pain.

Alternatively, CHIP is also available for children whose families make too much money to be eligible for Medicaid but still cannot afford regular health insurance. There are several guidelines for acceptance into this program, including the age of the child, the size of the family, and their annual income. CHIP can cover services that are necessary to promote good oral health in young patients and prevent disease, as well as treat problems that are considered emergencies and require restorative intervention.

I Have Questions About My Medicaid Coverage. Can You Help?

Yes! Our Victoria team will be happy to review your child’s specific coverage in detail with parents so that we can inform them about the treatment options that are financially covered and the ones that are not. If families still need additional support in managing the cost of pediatric treatment, affordable payment plans through CareCredit can be arranged in order to split up the overall cost into several payments. We can’t wait to help your son or daughter smile brightly after they’ve attended a few appointments with our talented doctors!